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About Us


Rick Mathews

Thank you for visiting Oxygen4Pets.com. We believe all animals have rights. Rights to be happy, healthy, and live a relaxed care free quality of life. We started at oxygetn4pets.com with a mission and a vision.

Our Mission: to help all animals in their time of need.

Our Vision: to provide a better world through kindness and compassion, to give respect to all living creatures.

How We Began

Responding to a call 5 years ago, a friend of ours was in distress and needed help with her cat, Scooby. Scooby had been diagnosed with cancer. Upon arrival to Scooby’s house, we noticed she was in respiratory distress. We came up with a plan to make a medium size O2 Incubator. We provided purification and bled in the O2. By doing so, this helped Scooby and her owner rest easier and be comfortable. As we were finishing up, the idea popped in our heads that if we could help Scooby, we could help others. A caring company was formed to help all animals – oxygen4pets.com.