Complete In-Home Oxygen Therapy Kit Rental


Tampa Residents: Free in-home delivery of our oxygen therapy units when you rent on an as-needed basis to Tampa Bay and surrounding areas only. Discounted Pricing. Billed monthly for your convenience for as long as you need it. Tampa residents 1 week minimum rental. Simply contact us when when you are finished and we will pick up the unit. No strings attached.

Out of State Residents: Minimum rental 3 weeks. We ship to all 50 US States (shipping charge not included. Signature required).

Overnight shipping is available – please call 813-770-7958 for a quote.

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If you would like to rent our oxygen therapy kit units, it gets delivered right to your home! Our technicians provide complete set up and instructions for administering in home oxygen treatments for your pet safely.

Whats Included:

Portable Oxygen Concentrator, ICU Cage, Nebulizer, Tubing & Accessory Kit

The Process:

  1. Call or email us to discuss your needs (813) 770-7958
  2. We will deliver a portable ICU cage, accessories for your pet and a portable oxygen concentrator.
  3. We show you how to administer the oxygen safely, as well as recommend oxygen therapy frequency based on your pets needs.
  4. Upon completion of the therapy, we pick up the ICU Cage, oxygen tank and concentrator if you are in the Tampa or surrounding area. If not, you would ship the unit back to us. If you rent the unit for 2 or more months, we supply you with the shipping label and it’s free of charge to return it.

In Home Oxygen Therapy Pricing:

$400.00 for 30 days
(Tampa residents get a discount – 1 week for $185, 2 weeks for $325, or 3 weeks for $375)

Need the unit for longer? Contact us for pricing.

Our technicians will walk you though the process of administering the oxygen to your pet safely, as well as provide 24/7 support and service.

Our units are always cleaned, fully inspected, and veterinary approved.

Disclaimer: When ordering our units we will take a deposit to hold the unit. If any cancellation occurs by the customer the deposit is forfeited. Deposits cannot be applied to monthly rental payments. All units come embedded with tracking devices.

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Weight 200 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 36 in