How Oxygen Therapy Works for Pets 

Oxygen therapy works on the principle that high oxygen concentration raises plasma-oxygen concentration, allowing oxygen to diffuse into tissues at distances three to four times further than usual to promote healing. Oxygen therapy provides oxygen for diseased, edematous and poorly vascularized areas. Many scientific publications report on the beneficial effects of oxygen therapy for both for humans and animals.

Breathing the highly oxygenated air is believed to reduce swelling, speed wound healing, control infections more effectively, and reduce the pressure caused by injuries to the head or spinal cord. Oxygen therapy for your pet is effective for many ailments including:

  • Swelling—post-operative, crush injuries, snake bite, burns
  • Respiratory Failure
  • Trauma—internal, head, spinal cord
  • Non-healing wounds
  • Post surgery recovery
  • Smoke inhalation
  • Carbon monoxide toxicity
  • Pancreatitis

Oxygen therapy is still rarely found in veterinary hospitals, but the popularity of the treatment will increase when more hospitals integrate oxygen therapy into their practices because of reported health benefits. Some pet insurance providers are even beginning to cover hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

While there might not be an animal hospital near you that is equipped with oxygen therapy treatments, Oxygen4Pets is something that could potentially benefit your pet’s health so please contact us to discuss your pet oxygen needs.